Approaches to joint pain in children

The FDP was started at 9.10am. The topic ‘Approaches to joint pain in children” was selected by Mrs. Rekha. B and approved by Principal. We all know joint pain occurs in later stage of age only but it can occur in all age groups starts from infants if we ignore it, it will lead in future health problems.

The content of the presentation included introduction, terminologies, duration of symptoms, number of joints involved, and pattern of joint involvement, enthesitis, suspecting arthritis in young children, history and examination. After this demonstration on assessment of child done with the support of Ms. Kavita & concluded the topic.

At the end of the FDP colleagues & B.Sc. (N) 1st year students gave their comments about the presentation. Mrs. Rekha. B has thanked all the students and 1st year students for their valuable comments and active participation.

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