Online vs. Traditional Nursing Education

Date: 24th Feb., 2016

Topic: Online vs. Traditional Nursing Education

Venue: B.Sc. Nursing 4th year classroom

Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Teaching Method: Lecture cum discussion

The FDP was started at 4:00 Pm. The selected topic was Online vs. Traditional Nursing Education.. The presentation was started with the introduction. The content of the presentation included

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of online education
  • Cons of online education
  • Benefits of traditional nursing (on-campus) education
  • Cons of traditional nursing (on-campus) education
  • Online Nursing Programs

After presentation, Mrs. Vijimol and, Ms Simar & M.Sc Nursing 2nd year students gave their comments about my presentation.

Positive comments:

  • Good presentation

  • Good topic

  • Intrusting presentation

  • Good power points

I would like to thanks all for their valuable comments and active participation.


Mrs. Kiran Kaur

Assist. Prof.

ACN, Eternal University

Dr. Harpreet Kaur

Admin Incharge

ACN, Eternal University

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