Mrs. Ranjit Kaur


Mrs. Ranjit Kaur is an eminent nursing mentor. She has earned her MSc Nursing Degree from the very prestigious PGI way back in 1986 with a University Medal. As the principal of ACN since 2010 she has been the guiding force behind this very significant  venture of the Kalgidhar Trust,  The Akal College of Nursing. She is equally respected as a nurse educator and researcher. The faculty members of the ACN  have undergone various training  capsules and workshops under her enlightened  leadership. She has chaired International Conferences and have further distinguished herself by publishing a book review on  Nursing Research, TNAI  in 1990 .

Dr Lekha Viswanath RN, RM, MSN (Obstetric and Gynaecologic Nursing)

Vice-Principal and Professor

Dr. Lekha is the Professor Cum Vice-Principal having distinguished qualifications teaching experience of over 14 years.  She has earned her post graduate degree from the highly acclaimed Govt College of Nursing, Calicut,  Kerala. She was awarded  PhD on effectiveness of Comprehensive Nursing Intervention package on women with gestational diabetes by National Consortium  affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore. She has further distinguished  herself  as the resource speaker for a number of National & International conferences. She  has also to her credit  more than 25  scientific papers.

Mr. Chithravel RN, RM, MSN(Community Health Nursing)

Associate Professor

As an Associate Professor, Mr. Chithravel  has made a recognizable mark on teaching the nursing faculty. His  significant qualifications  are  celebrated by his brilliant academic records  in Dr MGR Medical University. Under his guidance and mentor-ship, the students of Akal College of Nursing have evolved in the community health service domain. 

Mrs. K. Jansi RN, RM, MSN (Medical Surgical Nursing)

Associate Professor

A very qualified nurse and an illustrious teacher of the subject. She holds several  Nursing degrees and diplomas from  renowned Nursing Institutes of the country. Her years of work experience & teaching as well as clinical experience bear testimony to her meritorious service in Akal College of Nursing. 

Dr. Achla Dagdu Gaikwad RN, RM, MSN (Psychiatric Nursing)

Assistant Professor

The psychiatric department of Akal College of Nursing is proud to have Dr Achla Gaikwad as a faculty member. She has her  PhD  & MSc Nursing Training degrees from the leading Psychiatric Centre of the country, NIMHANSS,  Bangalore.   She excels as a Clinical Instructor  as well as  post MSc trainer. She has done research papers on various aspects of Psychiatric & Rehabilitation  field.

Mr. Libin Joseph RN, RM, MSN (Psychiatric Nursing)

Assistant Professor

Mr Joseph  is highly qualified in Mental Health Nursing, having qualified from the prestigious RGUHS Bangalore for both his  MSc and BSc. Under his mentorship the students of Akal Nursing College has excelled in their field.

Mrs. Rose Mary RN, RM, MSN (Medical Surgical Nursing)

Assistant Professor

She has completed her Masters in Medical Surgical Nursing from the RGIHS Bangalore and Bachelor’s Govt Nursing College Kottayam. Mrs Rose has years of teaching experience. She has also qualified in  Critical Care Nursing  from Registered practical nurses examination of Canada.

Mrs. Preeti Thakur RN, RM Clinical InstructorShe bestows her knowledge  as a Clinical instructor for  in microbiology & surgical nursing She also holds a Diploma in computer programming which is essential today for all modes of class room teaching and learning.  
Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma RN, RM, MSN (Medical Surgical Nursing)

Nursing Tutor

A gold-medalist in MSc Nursing she has obtained her qualifications from our own ACN and done us proud as an Clinical Instructor. Her specialised area being breast cancer  awareness in the community areas  methods of improving classroom teaching.

Mrs. Viji Mol RN, RM, MSN (Obstetric and Gynaecologic Nursing)

Assistant Professor

The ACN Obstetric & Gynaecology department is taken care of by highly qualified  individuals like Mrs Viji Mol.  She has obtained her proficiency from the  prestigious  Dr MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu for her MSc & BSc CSI College Kerala. Her expertise in various Gynecological department of women’s health is a boon to ACN.

Ms. Deepika Sethi RN, RM, MSN (Obstetric and Gynaecologic Nursing)

Nursing Tutor

She is an efficient clinical instructor for obstetric and Gynaecology at Akal College of Nursing. With her fine qualifications from prestigious Nursing institution of Punjab  the students gain knowledge to perform  to their utmost capacity.

Ms. Gagandeep kaur RN, RM Clinical Instructor Ms.Gagandeep kaur RN, RM Clinical Instructor

She is one more expert alumni of Akal College of Nursing and also a gold medal winner. Her area of research being in Euthanasia  which remains a critical ethical and  medical issue, along with the Geriatric problems of the old and the feeble, Medication errors and the very important Privacy issues of patients in public hospitals. It is for a well trained nurse to handle such predicaments.


Ms. Isha RN, RM, MSN (Paediatric Nursing) Nursing TutorA brilliant alumni of Akal College of Nursing, she has obtained her MSc training in Child Health. As a nursing Tutor she contributes richly to class room instruction.  
Ms. Jasneet Kaur RN, RM, MSN (Community Health Nursing)

Nursing Tutor

Ms Jasmeet Kaur qualified in Community Health Nursing having done her MSC from PGIMER Chandigarh, she is a clinical instructor at Akal College of Nursing excelling in her field of Primordial Prevention Rehabilitation and Health Promotion.

Ms. Kalpana Thakur RN, RM, MSN (Psychiatric Nursing)

Nursing Tutor

Ms Thakur has been contributing richly as a Nursing Tutor. She is well qualified MSc from JH University, New Delhi. She is well versed in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and De-addiction programs.

Ms. Komal Rana RN, RM Clinical InstructorAn alumni of Akal College of Nursing and Clinical Instructor for Postnatal services and contraception, both areas being critical to  our community. Hospitals all over the country require excellently trained nursing services in this field.  
Ms. Manisha Sehgal RN, RM Clinical InstructorA alumni qualifying as an Clinical Instructor in Akal College of Nursing.  
Ms. Pratibha Khagta RN, RM, MSN(Medical Surgical Nursing) Nursing TutorAs ACN has been a beacon of light for  the training centre  in  Medical Surgical Nursing, she too has gained her rich qualifications  from ACN and is inspiring students to reach highest level of  achievement in this field.  
Ms. Rashmi Seikh RN, RM, MSN(Obstetric and Gynaecologic Nursing) Nursing TutorAn excellent alumni of ACN she is contributing richly in the field of teaching as a Nursing Tutor.  
Ms. Simarjeet Kaur RN, RM, MSN(Community Health Nursing) Nursing TutorShe has rich expertise on MCH service in International Nursing  Education  journals inferential studies and articles. She has contributed to International journal of current research areas The future nurses of this noble professional  from ACN will always remember her for  her connect with  wide range of international information  and  continuous   updates on Community Health Nursing. Maternal and Child Health programs, Bioethics & Issues and Epidemiology  
Ms. Suchpreet Kaur RN, RM, MPH Clinical InstructorAn alumni of ACN bequeathing her  expertise as an Clinical Instructor on Nutrition a subject of concern and perennial interest among all members of the new generation of today.  Be it Omega 5-Omega 3 fatty acids and ratio the students receive all required instructions on the subject.  
Ms. Sumanpreet Kaur RN, RM Clinical InstructorShe subscribes richly as an Clinical Instructor in Antenatal services and Instrumental Deliveries. Once more, these areas require  customary & expert training and handling of a large number of patients on a regular basis.