Famous trees of Himachal Pradesh


 Date of Discussion:-05-03-2016

Venue:- B.Sc. Nursing 4th year classroom

Time:- 03:30pm- 04:30pm

Group members:- B.Sc. nursing 1st ,2nd &4th year students

Topic of Discussion:-Famous trees of Himachal Pradesh

Organizers:- M.Sc. Nursing 2nd year students

Moderators:-Ms. Jasneet Kaur, Ms. Vidhi Paul, Ms. Neeraj Bhatt.


As the part of the Saturday activity , this week the Eco-friendly club organised the discussion on the famous trees of Himachal Pradesh.This discussion was conducted to encourage the thinking and for assessing and enhancing the knowledge about the selected trees.The main purpose of discussion was to produce features for the benefit of not only the participants but for the students as well.


Ms. Hem Kiran student of B.Sc. Nursing 4TH year hosted the event.The faculty ,and group members were invited to attend the discussion.The participants and the organizers were introduced to the audience.



Participants Role
Members (10) Presentation of the themes/topic of different trees
Moderator Kept discussion to the subject and organized discussion with occasional summaries
Audience Asked questions and made constructive contributions




S.N Name of the presentor Topic presented
1. Ms.Sandeep kaur (B.Sc Nursing 2nd year) Introduction,uses and benefits of pine tree
2. Ms. Nitika Kumari (B.Sc Nursing 1st year) Scientific classification,biology and medicinal value of Cryptomeria tree
3. Ms. Rakhi Sharma( B.Sc Nursing 1st year) Definition , uses and benefits of Deodar tree
4. Ms. Kritika Joshi (B.Sc Nursing 2nd year) Introduction,uses and benefits of Rhododendron
5. Ms.Taranjeet (B.Sc Nursing 2nd year) Introduction and uses of Pyrus Pashia tree
6. Ms. Yogita Thakur (B.Sc Nursing 2nd year) Introduction,uses and benefits of Populas ciliota(peepal) tree
7. Ms. Abhilasha Sharma ( B.Sc Nursing 1st year) Introduction,uses and benefits of Platanus Orientalise tree
8. Ms.Vaishali Pundeer( B.Sc Nursing 1st year) Introduction,species,uses ,medicinal uses of Spruce.
9. Ms. Jyotipriya (B.Sc Nursing 2nd year) Introduction,species,uses ,medicinal uses and toxicity of white oak(Ban)
10. Ms.Neha Sharma (B.Sc Nursing 2nd year) Introduction, definition and uses of Eucalyptus tree.