Religious stories

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Date of activity : 26th Feb 2016

Venue : Multi Purpose Hall (Auditorium)

Time : 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Group : B.Sc.(N)1st ,2nd 3rd and M.Sc.(N) 2nd year

Topics : Religious stories

Organizer : Peace and Harmony group

Moderator : Miss. Simarjeet Kaur

Miss. Sachpreet Kaur

Miss. Sumanpreet Kaur

Miss. Navjeet Kaur


A sage is considered a sage because he seems to be anchored in peace and tranquility while facing the pains and pleasures of day to day living in his chosen field of activity, like any other ordinary person.

As a part of daily Saturday activity, Peace and Harmony club of A.C.N, Baru Sahib organized a thematic discussion about Religious stories on 26th Feb2016. Today B.Sc. Nursing students have recited some thoughts and some religious stories with moral values and real facts which we have to follow in our whole life.

Event Proceeds:

Ms. Simerjeet Kaur, Ms. Sachpreet kaur and Ms. Navjeet kaur as moderator of peace and harmony group started the activities with their supportive direction and instructions. Ms. Bhavneet conducted the program by calling all participants one by one on to the stage.

The presenters:


Sr. No. Name Title of story
Ms. Monika Story of Ashtravakra
Ms. Pooja Sharma Greatness of a man known by his character and qualities not clothes
Ms. Mandeep Kaur Tempor
Ms. Sandeep Kaur Story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Ms. Ramanjot Kaur Life history of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Ms. Priyanka Story of Eklavya
Ms. Nandini Whatever happens , happens for good
Volunteer presenters
Ms. Sunita Greed is a Curse
Ms. Yogita Bhagat ke vash mein hai Bhagwan
Ms. Kalpana Parmatma se bada Dharmatma

These all participants presented different stories and life history of many Guru’s, Saints and God. The main aim of all stories is to provide mystical knowledge about struggle done by the legendaries and develop spirituality in students. Changing lifestyle and busy schedule make human beings mean full, greedy and selfish which cause distraction and harm to others. So it is important to develop peace and harmony by worshiping God and activities like religious stories, life history and real facts of life which stimulate the positive waves or energy in human being. The positive energy makes man kind full and humanity nature which makes him to help others and do charity.

Teachers and Parents both are precious. They always support, guide, advise and give direction to us about the facts of life and protect from bad curse. So always respect them and never hurt.

Thus it is concluded that the “activities of peace and harmony group” enhance good traits and personality of students to protect them choosing wrong path or acts which destroy their whole life. “Do Good Have Good” as the proverb proves that the people doing good things, God always helps them.