Thematic Discussion about Religious Stories

Date of Saturday activity: 20/2/2016

Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall

Time: 2.00 to 4.00pm

Group: (N) 1st, 2nd 3rd and (N) 2nd year.

Topic of Saturday activity: Religious stories.

Organizer: Peace and Harmony group.

Moderator: Miss. Sachpreet kaur

Miss. Simerjeet kaur

Miss. Sumanpreet kaur


As a part of daily Saturday activity, peace and harmony club of A.C.N, Baru Sahib organized a thematic discussion about Religious stories on 20/02/2016.Today B.Sc. Nursing students on the behalf of “Peace and Harmony club” on the occasion of Saturday activity have recited some thoughts and some religious stories which gives us some moral values which we have to follow in our whole life.

S.NO Name of participant Topic and Themes
1. Ranjana Valuable thoughts of, “Kabir das ji”
2. Bharti Story R/t Birth of “Lord Ganesha”
3. Nidhi Review about “Ramayana”
4. Kalpana Story of Raja” Harishchandr”
5. Sunita Story of” Lord Vishnu ji”
6. Mandeep kaur Story of Sri “Guru Angad Dev. ji”
7. Ramandeep kaur Story of Sri “Guru Tegh Bhadur ji”
8. Shikha Story of “Lord Shiva”


The speakers were:-

Event Procedure:

Ms.Ranjana discussed about some valuable thoughts of “Kabir das ji”. Saint Kabir Das ke dohe are full of practical wisdom and knowledge and she provided the meaningful moral values by thoughts which we have to follow in our life.

Ms. Bharti outlined about the story related to birth of “Lord Ganesha” one day Goddess Parvati was at home on Mt. kaillash preparing for a bath. As she didn’t want to be disturbed. She took the turmeric paste from her body and breathing life into it, she created Ganesha, Declaring to be her own loyal son.

Ms. Nidhi gave short review about the “Ramayana”. By listening all these thoughts and stories all of us come to know the moral values. Another important moral of the story is protecting the week which was exhibited by jataayau, an old demigod who has taken the form of a vulture.

Ms. Kalpana discussed about the story of “Raja Harishchander”. In past time there was a king .He always speak truth and fulfill all the wishes of his kingdom’s people. One time God Vishnu thought that his truth should be examined as no one follows truth in difficult situation, but in every difficult situation Raja Harishachander followed truth and he didn’t choose the wrong way. He was honest and hardworking. At last God blessed him.

Ms. Sunita discussed about the story of “Lord Vishnu’s ji” ka “Narsinh Avtar” in this story we learnt many moral values regarding the honesty and trust on the god. And we also learnt to speak truth and not to harm others.

Ms. Raman deep kaur gave an outline about the story of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur ji. During his tour of Malwa, Sri Guru Tegh Bhadur Sahib Ji reached village Bana in search of Guru Nanak’s Sikh. After his enquiry he came to know about the Sikh who was a farmer and used to grow tobacco in his fields. His taxes were lowered the half and his beliefs in the Guru were completed. Then Guru Teg Bahadur Ji told him to give up the use of tobacco and instruct him to not to touch it, because it bring not only disease but poverty also.

Ms. Mandeep kaur discussed about the story of Guru Angad Dev. ji. In those days at Khadur Sahib lived a rich man named Chodhry Jewahar lal. He was very fond of wine so he was called as “Maluka the drunkard whenever the devotees of the Guru informed about this to Guru Angad Dev Ji, the Guru said when you stop drinking, the disease will quit you in some days. He followed the Guru Ji’s advice then he stopped drinking. We should not eat such delicious which trouble our body and mind and should eat very simple food.

Ms. Shikha outlined about the story of “Lord Shiva” and goddess Parvati ji of the most important duties in Hinduism together shiv and sati (who is the primary form of parvati) are considered inseperatable forles who work in union for the peaceful existence and betterment of the universe. In Hindu mythology, Shiva and parvati are considered to be the ideal divine couple. Their love for one another is undying and there are several legends associated with them both.