Health Exhibition (Maternal & Child Health)

Akal College of Nursing Eternal University, Baru Sahib, Dist. Sirmour (173001) Health Exhibition (Maternal & Child Health)
Venue: CHC, Sangrah

Date: 9th April, 19

Activity: Health Exhibition (Maternal & Child Health)


1. Registration: Females (40 registrations)

2. Health Assessment:

a) BP monitoring

b) Height and weight

c) BMI As per the action plan following activities has been done

Ms. Geetanjli welcomed the group and introduces all the speakers of the day. Ms. Jasandeep Kaur has explained about antenatal care and diet. She also demonstrated the procedure of Nutritious laddoo. Ms.Jyoti has discussed postnatal hygiene, care, and diet. Ms. Pretty has discussed the importance of breastfeeding and demonstration on mummy restraint. Ms. Meenakshi has demonstrated the techniques of breastfeeding and latching. Ms. Geetanjli and Ms. Jyoti have demonstrated the various antenatal and postnatal exercises. Ms. Simarjot kaur assistant professor has taken feedback from the group and given the vote of thanks. In the end, Ms. Pooja, senior staff nurse, CHC, Sangrah has expressed the views about the program and she extended her thanks to the students for the wonderful presentation and arrangement of the program. Guided By: Ms. Simarjot Kaur Assistant professor (OBG) ACN