International Day on Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking

Akal Psychiatry Services and Deaddiction-cum-rehabilitation Centre, Baru Sahib, HP in collaboration with Akal Nursing College, Baru Sahib and Eternal University, organized a rally to the Bagroti village and the Seminar on “the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking” on 26 June, 2019 at Eternal University Auditorium at Baru Sahib, HP. The audience included Administrator of the Centre, Mr. Chugh, 12 patients of the Deaddiction Centre, about 150 students and faculty of Akal College of Nursing, 100 students of Akal College of Education, Dr.SK Chauhan, Dean & faculty of the University, Baru Sahib. The Seminar was Chaired by Dr. Madhav Pakhare.The speakers were Dr.N.L.Gupta, Chief Psychologist, Dr. Anita Chauhan, Clinical Psychologist-cum Coordinator and Ms.Mansha, MSc (N) scholar. A skit on drug addiction and its consequences was presented by 2 nd year nursing students, which was highly appreciated. While Dr. Gupta highlighted the importance of this year theme ‘Health for Justice, Justice for Health’, emphasising healthcare to drug abusers with justice-based approach to health policy, systems, and practice. He also highlighted the grim picture of broader global and Indian scenario regarding drug addiction and drug trafficking. He warned of the challenge especially for adolescents and youth, in whom the abuse was rising rapidly. He also gave detailed activities two centres (Baru Sahib & Cheema Sahib) of Kalgidhar Trust under Dr.Rajinder Singh Ji, the Director of the Centres. Dr.Chauhan discussed about the causes and consequences of drug addiction, and emphasised on self-motivation and rehabilitative measures. Ms. Manisha gave a detailed account of cannabis, its abuse, consequences and punishment on its possession. Dr. Joseph enabled the liaison between patients and the students. Two patients relived vividly their misery, ruining and future plan, they rated the Centre to be the best of the many Deaddiction Centres attended before. Dr. Joseph inspired the students to use the knowledge in their practice to gain more. Dr. Pakhare summed up the Seminar its theme, main notes of speakers, dire consequences of various illicit drugs and focus on vulnerable states due their position and proximity. Lastly, he gave vote of thanks to every one/group who were present in the seminar.