International Women’s Day Celebration-2019

International Women’s Day-2019

 As a part of ‘Community Awareness Activities’ our students of  M. Sc. Nursing 2nd Year (Community Health Nursing Depth.) & B. Sc. Nursing 2nd year students of Akal College of Nursing has celebrated ‘International Women’s Day-2019’ with full enthusiasm & courage in Lana Bhalta Village near to Baru Sahib. The guests for the event were Pradhan of the village Ms. Rupinder Kaur & Ms. Maharbani Kaur Khalsa. 

Highlights of the activities:

1. All the women’s of the village Lana Bhalta were called by the students so as to celebrate the Women’s day. A total of 60 villagers have participated in the activity.

2. The celebration was started with an opening speech on “International Women’s Day-2019” based on theme “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”.

3.  The Villagers were educated about: When & how the ‘International Women’s Day’ was started, its Importance,  well known aspects related to women’s history and much more. 

4. The students have done a role play too on ‘Gender equality’.

5. The Women achievers of the village were awarded by Pradhan of the Village Ms. Rupinder Kaur & Our special Guest Ms. Maharbani Kaur Khalsa.

6. Along with this the villagers were told the basics related to ‘Yoga & Breath Walk’ by Ms. Maharbani Kaur Khalsa from Canada.

All students & teachers of ACN have worked very hard to make this event successful.