Workshop on Motivation by SURYA RATNA SAGAR LTD.

Workshop on Motivation by ‘SURYA RATNA SAGAR LTD.’
Venue: Auditorium Eternal University

Participants: B. Sc. Nursing 1st year, 2nd, 3rd & 4th year.

All the faculty members of ACN. The Motivational lecture has covered all these domains listed below:

1. Attitude of excellence

2. Accountability at work & life

3. Communication skills

4. Corporate Business Etiquette and Grooming

5. Decision Making and Critical Thinking

6. Emotional Intelligence

7. “Even Eagles Need a Push”: Combatting Satisfactory Underperformance

8. Interpersonal Excellence

9. Leadership 4Fs

10.PRIDE: Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence

11. Motivation-Achievement/Affiliation/Power

12. Presentation Skills & Delivering Speech

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