Digital India including e-Samvad

Date: 15th June, 2016

The topic selected was “Digital India including e- Samvad”. The class started with the introduction of the topic. Ms Satwinder Kaur has discussed about the initiative of Government of India called Digital India and the topic included 3 key elements of vision and nine pillars of manufacturing Digital India which also included e-kranti. E- Kranti included further six topics from which e-health was in detail. It included the ORS (online registration system) for all the hospitals registered wsith ORS. Till now total 42 hospitals are being registered and 8 hospitals among them are from Himachal Pradesh. She also discussed about how to register the hospital with ORS and also how the patients can seek appointments online from any of the registered hospitals. She also discussed about benefits and merits of ORS. In the second part of discussion she included e-Samvad a new portal started by HP-PERC along with Acadview to join all the private universities of HP with HP-PERC for exchange of any kind of information pertaining to their university courses etc.

At the end house was open for discussion and respective teachers shared their view on Digital India.

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