Journal Club Presentation


Journal Club Presentation on Lived Experience During the COVID Pandemic

Exploring the Insights of Nurses’ Experiences

A remarkable event unfolded at Akal College of Nursing as the institution hosted a Journal Club Presentation. The research topic at the center of this discussion was the “Phenomenological Study on the Lived Experience of Nurses during the COVID Pandemic.” It was a moment of insight, reflection, and shared learning that shed light on the remarkable journey of nurses during these challenging times.

Diving into Lived Experiences

The presentation was delivered by Ms. Pooja Kumari, a student from the 1st year M.Sc. (Nursing) batch of 2023-2024. Her in-depth exploration of the phenomenological study provided a unique perspective on the experiences of nurses who were at the frontline of the battle against COVID-19. It was a testament to the dedication and resilience displayed by nurses during the pandemic.

Guidance and Mentorship

Ms. Pooja Kumari’s presentation was made possible through the dedicated mentorship of Mrs. Kavita Verma, Assistant Professor at Akal College of Nursing. Mrs. Kavita Verma guidance ensured that the research and presentation were conducted with precision and depth, adding to the value of the insights shared.

Involving the Academic Community

The event witnessed active participation from all faculty members of Akal College of Nursing and students from the M.Sc. (Nursing) program. This inclusive approach allowed for a thorough critique and discussion of the research, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Facilitation by Prof. Usha. S

The Journal Club Presentation was expertly facilitated by Prof. Usha. S, the Journal Club Coordinator. Her role was instrumental in ensuring that the event flowed smoothly and that all participants had the opportunity to engage with the research presented.


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