Akal college of nursing students are being posted in remote hilly areas of Sirmour district for the specific objectives of the following under the supervision of community health nursing experts:

  • Identify the demographic profile of the villages of  Dimber, Nanu, Bhanog, Kheri, Machcher& Lana Bhalta

  •  Conduct household survey & need assessment, vital health statistics of all the adopted villages

  •  Identify the health determinants & community health resources

  •  Diagnose the felt needs & unmet needs of the individuals and families by  regular planned home visits

  •  Provide primary care like physical assessment, nutrition education, first aid, wound dressing, urine analysis for sugar and albumin

  •  Counsel & educate regarding the major prevalent health problems

Like anemia, malnutrition, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, mental health & communicable diseases like dengue fever, T.B, malaria, chicken pox etc.
  •  Participate in national health programmes in PHCs, Sub centers & ICDS centers like pulse polio immunization, IMNCI, NHM

  •  Provide effective health talk in self health monitoring, community based lifestyle modifications, family welfare methods, health promotion activities

  •  Document & update all the family folders of all the adopted villages

  •  Collaborate with health workers, village health nurses, ICDS staff & school teachers for integrated comprehensive nursing care the needy rural people

  •  Conduct school health project & other research projects under the research guide

    As our nursing students are being continuously visiting the families in the underserved areas students are learnt the the principles of community health nursing and the the people are also mutually being benefited from regular monitoring & basic primary nursing care.