The courses offered by the institute are residential programmes. All the students admitted in the college must observe the rules and regulations that may be framed from time to time by the college Management and the Eternal University. Violation of rules will result in severe disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion from the college. In such cases student will forfeit all the deposits and tution fee shall not be entitled for any claim.

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* Smoking and use of any form of drugs/intoxicants is strictly prohibited. Students contravening this tenet will be summarily expelled from the college.

* The Principal of the College reserves the right to rusticate any student found indulging in acts prejudicial to the interest of the College or involved in gross indiscipline.

* The students are required to maintain absolute self discipline on the College campus.

* Students are advised not to keep heavy cash, gold or silver jewelry and costly items in their rooms. The College Management will not be responsible for the loss or theft of any article.

* Students should not keep any medicines in their rooms except during illness.

* Students are instructed to keep their rooms neat, clean and tidy. Warden/Officer of the Hostel may inspect the rooms at any time and if found guilty, the erring student may be warned or punished.

* Students are advised not to proceed on leave without prior permission of the principal.

* Senior boarders are expected to lead an exemplary life style to serve as a role model for the junior students.


* Each student is responsible for the proper handling and safe custody of any apparatus or equipment that she may be using. In case of any damage or loss to the college property through misuse of negligence, the student shall have to pay the cost of repair or replacement.

* Students must show respect and obedience to all members of the staff as well as the managing authorities of the College.

* Every student shall have to attend all the classes and practicals. In case of illness, permission will have to be obtained from the Principal for remaining absent.

* All dues (if any) must be cleared before the examination.

* Students have to wear the uniform as prescribed by the College.

* Student should go to the hospital only when on duty or with prior permission.

* Students shall not accept any gifts from patients or their relatives.

Attendance Requirement:

* A candidate must have minimum of 80% attendance (irrespective of the kind of absence) in theory in each subject and 100% attendance in each of the practical areas including clinical posting before being eligible to sit in the examination.