Event Calendar for Academic year 2018-19

Months Dates Clubs Activities
August 15th August, 18 (Independence Day Celebration) 21st August (Commencement of session)
September 1st Literary club Nutrition week celebration “Healthy Diet/ Cuisine competition
  5th Sep., 18 (Teachers Day Celebration)
  8th Literary club Seminar on “Suicidal Day prevention” & Role pay on theme
  15th Peace & Harmony club Sukhmani Sahib ji path
  22nd Eco-friendly club Classroom decoration Competition 
  29th -7th Oct., 18 (1st Medical Camp)
October 6th Creativity club Shoe box bird house competition
  12th -13th 8th International Nursing Conference On “Global Perspectives of Better Mental Health”
  20th Sports club  Volley ball match competition
  24th Literary club Seminar on “World Polio Day”
November 3rd Peace & Harmony club Spiritual story telling competition (Bachelors section)
  Diwali-Break (4th-11thNOV,18)
  17th Eco-friendly club Health education on use of ‘Compost bin’ in Eternal university & community area
  24th                                              6th Convocation of Eternal University
          29th -9th Dec., 18 (2nd Medical Camp)
December 1st Dec., 18 Awareness campaign & Nukkad play on “World AIDS Day” in community area & Baru Sahib premises
  15th Sports club Spoon race, three leg race
  22nd Fresher’s party For B. Sc. Nursing 1st year
                            Winter-Break (23rd Dec.-15th Jan, 19)
January 19th IELETS interaction class by‘Raffles Educity’ Workshop on Motivation by ‘SURYA RATNA SAGAR LTD.’
                  26th Jan., 19 (Republic Day)
February 2nd Literary club UG Quiz on ‘World Cancer Day’
  9th Peace & Harmony club Interfaith meet
  16th Eco-friendly club Green Health & making first aid kit
  23rd Creativity club World Heart Month celebration
March 2nd Sports club Volley Ball Inter Club Match
  9th Literary club Motivated movie
  16th Peace & Harmony club Poem/Story telling/Motivational Talk
  23rd Eco-friendly club Holi color preparation
  30th Creativity club Model making/ poster competition on “World water day”