Economy in Lockdown

After the IMF’s revised projections, India must adopt plans that avert worst case scenario and strengthen economy. IMF stated that the world economy is at its bottom level due to the disastrous outbreak of novel coronavirus. This is the sharpest contraction in the world economic output since 1930. Moreover, the sub prime crisis (2009) contracted growth by a mere of 0.1% in world output.
Forecasting world wide growth at 6.3% , now IMF declines it by 3% showing current projection at 3.3%. India’s growth rate is put down by IMF to 1.9% from january 5.8% showing an avalanche of depression. Despite the government has suggested companies not to remove their employees, as many people will lose their job which will downgrade the economy more. IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath advised to ramp up the economic sector which will act as a stimulus once the pandemic is contained.
In this pandemic, there is noting in our hands merely to stay in lockdown. Analysing the IMF projections Indian government have to adopt policy to nurture the growth and invest in MSME’s, agriculture sector, small scale industries to recuperate economy. The centre and state government needs to join hands to win the battle and uplift the battered economy.