The FDP was started at 4 Pm. The topic ‘Bullying’ was selected by me and approved by Principal ma’am as it is more prevalent in colleges, institutions and teachers play important role in prevention of bullying so the topic has its important for the group. I started my presentation with thought provoking questions. The content of the presentation includes detail description about bullying, acts of bullying, common effects of bullying, reporting of bullying incident, strategies to deal with bully and guidelines for teachers. I have also discussed about current incidences and numbers on bullying. I have also thrown some light on research facts and findings and also mentioned my research finding which I have done in 2014 on bullying among school children’s. I has been published in Journal of Psychiatry Nursing 2014; 3(3): 77-116.

Bullying and role of teachers in dealing with bullying at school/college premises has been shown with the help of role play in which teachers participated actively.

After presentation, Principal ma’am & my colleagues gave their about my presentation.

Positive comments:

  • Confident about the subject matter.

  • Interactive session.

  • Group involvement was effective.

  • Appropriate research articles quoted according to the topic.

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