Cleanliness Drive


An environmental club arranged the Saturday event. Students are encouraged through an eco-friendly group to keep the hostel clean and to support a healthy environment. The hostel’s environment will be kept clean and kept free of pests and smells if garbage is disposed of properly. Encourage everyone to take ownership of their garbage and to properly dispose off it by either separating it into recyclables and non-recyclables or by bringing it to a designated waste disposal place. This will guarantee that the hostel is clean and hygienic.

Prof. (Dr.) Mehmooda Regu,  esteemed principal, deserves special recognition for acting as the impetus that inspired us to plan this programme inside the hostel. Faculty members  deserves our thanks, and Jaswinder Kaur (Associate Prof.), Assistant Dean Student for boosting everyone’s spirits and her concepts and elegant ways of explaining everything

Maintaining a clean and hygienic hostel environment requires frequent inspections and assessments. Miss Komal, assistant professor, and Miss Anjali,  clinical instructor, evaluated the event to make sure the hostel is in good shape. All aspects of the hostel, including the common areas, restrooms, kitchens, and individual rooms, were carefully inspected during excersise  inspections to spot any problems.

I want to thank everyone of the college’s faculty who took part in this activity. Last but not least, I want to express my gratitude to the students for their interest in extra curricular activities.

All of the pupils were excited and engaged during the entire exercise.


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