Akal College of Nursing organized a highly insightful and engaging Faculty Development Program (FDP) on the theme of “Displaying Warmth” on 24th July 2023. The program aimed to emphasize the importance of warmth in academic settings, focusing on how faculty members can effectively display warmth both among their colleagues and towards the students.

Speakers: The esteemed speaker for the program was Dr. Mehmooda Regu, Principal and Head of the Department of Community Health Nursing at Akal College of Nursing. Dr. Regu’s wealth of experience and expertise in nursing education made her the perfect choice for addressing this critical aspect of academic professionalism.

Program Highlights: The Faculty Development Program commenced with an opening ceremony at 9:00 AM, where the organizing committee extended a warm welcome to all the participants, including faculty members from various departments. The theme of “Displaying Warmth” generated enthusiasm and interest among the attendees, given its relevance to creating a positive and nurturing learning environment.

Session by Dr. Mehmooda Regu: Dr. Regu’s session on “Displaying Warmth” was the highlight of the program. With her captivating presentation style and in-depth knowledge, she addressed the significance of warmth in academic settings and its profound impact on fostering a supportive and compassionate atmosphere.

The session covered the following key topics:

  1. Understanding Warmth in Academic Settings: Dr. Regu elaborated on the various dimensions of warmth, emphasizing empathy, approachability, and active listening as key components. She highlighted the positive outcomes of warmth, such as increased student engagement, improved communication, and enhanced faculty-student relationships.
  2. Integrating Warmth with Current Scenario: One of the unique aspects of the program was the integration of real-life scenarios and challenges faced by faculty members in displaying warmth. Dr. Regu provided practical strategies to navigate challenging situations, ensuring that warmth remains an integral part of the academic culture.
  3. Demonstrating Warmth among Faculty: The session also addressed the importance of fostering a warm and collegial atmosphere among faculty members. Dr. Regu encouraged mutual respect, support, and open communication as means to strengthen professional relationships within the institution.
  4. Displaying Warmth to Students: Recognizing the crucial role faculty plays in the lives of students, Dr. Regu shared actionable techniques to display warmth towards students. She emphasized the significance of acknowledging their individual needs, providing constructive feedback, and showing genuine care for their well-being.

Facilitation by Dr. Priyanka Chaudhary: Dr. Priyanka Chaudhary, Associate Professor at Akal College of Nursing, effectively facilitated the program, ensuring smooth coordination and active engagement of the participants. Her insightful inputs and ability to create an inclusive learning environment added immense value to the overall experience.

Conclusion: The Faculty Development Program on “Displaying Warmth” proved to be a tremendous success. The attendees left the event with a renewed sense of the significance of warmth in their academic roles and equipped with practical strategies to integrate warmth into their daily interactions with colleagues and students.

The organizing committee expresses sincere gratitude to Dr. Mehmooda Regu for sharing her expertise and wisdom, and to Dr. Priyanka Chaudhary for her invaluable facilitation. Their contributions were pivotal in making the program exceptional and impactful.

As Akal College of Nursing continues its commitment to excellence in nursing education, such Faculty Development Programs play a vital role in fostering a nurturing and empathetic academic community.


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