JOURNAL CLUB PRESENTATION – “Effect of Cold Application & Compression on Pain & Bruising Subcutaneous Heparin Injection


On July 07, 2023, Akal College of Nursing organized a Journal Club Presentation on the topic “Effect of Cold Application & Compression on Pain & Bruising Subcutaneous Heparin Injection.” The presentation was delivered by Ms. Khushboo, a first-year M.Sc.(N) student of the 2023 – 2024 batch. The event aimed to critically analyze a research article related to nursing practices and provide a platform for faculty and M.Sc.(N) students to engage in scholarly discussion and critique.

Participants: The Journal Club presentation was attended by respected faculty members and M.Sc.(N) students of Akal College of Nursing. The gathering included individuals who were keen to delve into the subject matter and contribute to the discussion.

Presentation: Ms. Khushboo, under the guidance of Mrs. Sameeksha, presented the research article on the effects of cold application and compression on pain and bruising associated with subcutaneous heparin injection. The presentation was comprehensive and well-structured, covering key aspects of the study, including the research question, methodology, results, and implications for nursing practice.

Discussion: Following the presentation, a lively and insightful discussion took place, allowing participants to critique the research article. Various aspects of the study were examined, including the study design, sample size, data collection methods, statistical analysis, and the validity of the results. Faculty and students shared their perspectives and raised pertinent questions related to the research.

Overall, the Journal Club discussion provided a valuable opportunity for participants to engage in critical thinking, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the research, and explore potential implications for nursing practice.

Facilitation: Prof. Usha, the Journal Club Coordinator, played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth conduct of the event. Her guidance and facilitation helped steer the discussion in a productive direction, encouraging active participation from all attendees.

Conclusion: The Journal Club Presentation on the topic “Effect of Cold Application & Compression on Pain & Bruising Subcutaneous Heparin Injection” was a successful and intellectually stimulating event. It showcased the commitment of Akal College of Nursing to fostering a culture of scholarly inquiry and critical thinking among its students and faculty. Such initiatives contribute to the growth and development of nursing professionals, ultimately benefiting patient care and healthcare practices as a whole.

We extend our appreciation to Ms. Khushboo, Mrs. Sameeksha, Prof. Usha, and all the participants for their active involvement in making this Journal Club presentation a valuable and enriching experience.


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