Landslide Disaster Management Mock drill


Disaster Mockdrill on Landslide Management, organized by Akal College of Nursing, Eternal University, on 29th July 2023 at 10 AM, was a resounding success!

With utmost preparedness and dedication, our team conducted a simulated scenario of a landslide occurring behind the Nursing College Building. The drill showcased our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our college community in the face of potential emergencies.

The entire event was a true testament to the power of effective coordination and training. The Awareness Team promptly alerted the Disaster Management Committee, leading to the swift activation of the alarm system. Following the Principal’s command, an orderly evacuation was carried out from all the B.Sc. (N) classrooms, with students guided by their class coordinators to the designated gathering point.

The Search & Rescue Team, armed with various techniques, efficiently rescued the “trapped” students, while the First Aid Team provided immediate assistance and medical care. The involvement of the NCC & NSS Volunteers, as well as M.Sc.(N) & B.Sc.(N) students in all teams, showcased the spirit of unity and preparedness among our college community.

Special appreciation goes to the Engineering & Security Team, whose use of a crane to rescue a victim trapped on the hills demonstrated resourcefulness and skill. The dedication of all participants, faculty, and staff made this mockdrill a comprehensive and valuable learning experience.

We extend our gratitude to Mr. Muthu Kumaran, Asst. Professor, Akal College of Nursing, for facilitating the entire program with utmost professionalism and commitment.


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