9th International Nursing Conference, 2019

Collaborative approach for holistic health care 11th& 12th October, 2019

10th October,2019

Resource persons & other eminent personalities arrived on 11th October,2019 the eve before the conference . Delegates also arrived the same day. Food & accommodation arrangements were made.

Day one (11thOctober,2019)

The international conference on “Collaborative Approach for Holistic Health Care” started with the presence of eminent dignitaries from abroad and from across the country. Venue arrangements were done in two halls i.e. Bhai Gurdas Hall & the auditorium of Eternal University ( Scientific paper & poster presentation).

Live telecast of the conference was done on the facebook page of Akal College of Nursing. Conference overview was given by Drexel Faculty, Philadelphia, USA and send their valuable wishes through video conferencing. Honorable Baba Iqbal Singh Ji graced this occasion with his presence.

Total gathering in this 9th International Nursing Conference was 520 delegates and 40 resource persons from different parts of the world and covering 11 states of India including:


2.Himachal Pradesh




6.Uttar Pradesh



9Andhra Pradesh





  • The first day of auspicious occasion started with “Shabad” by students of Akal College of Devine music at 09:00 AM on 11th October,2019 followed by welcome note delivered by Professor Mrs. Ranjit kour (Principal Akal College of Nursing) and introduces the topic for the conference and highlighted significance of collaboration and partnership for enhancement of quality care outcome in order to improve health.
  • Conference was hosted by Ms.Jasneet Kaur and Ms. Kavita Verma ( Faculty of Akal College of Nursing)
  • A glimpse of Kalgidhar Trust was presented by Dr. Davinder Singh (Secretary, The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, Member, Senior Governing Body, AU& EU). Dr. NeelamKaur (Advisor, Health & Education, The Kalgidhar Trust, Member, Governing Body AU & EU) enlightened the journey of kalgidhar trust.
  • Conference overview was given by Drexel Faculty, Philadelphia, USA and send their valuable wishes through video conferencing. Honorable Baba Iqbal SinghJi graced this occasion with his presence.
  • PLENARY SESSION 1: Started at 10:20am and concluded at 12:30pm

Collaborative Approach To Control Diabetes Through Primary health care”

Conveners: Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, (Director IIHMR, New Delhi) and Dr. V.T. Lakshmamma (Principal, Kempegowda College of Nursing-Bangalore).


  • Sanjiv Kumar (Director IIHMR, New Delhi) discussed about Need for holistic & collaborative approach in addressing NCD’s in India”. He Mentioned about burden of non communicable disease. He addresses Challenges of NCD’S and control of NCD’S at different levels.
  • Dr V.T. Lakshmamma(Principal, Kempegowda, College of Nursing-Bangalore) discussed about presented views on screening & risk assessment of diabetes in community.” She usually throw light on approaches of screening and risk assessment of diabetes.
  • TarunikaBawa (Diabetes Specialist, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi) shared her views on “Life style modifications- A key to control diabetes. Here she basically focused on Medical Nutrition Therapy, Exercise, Patient education.
  • Kamlesh Kumari Sharma (Lecturer, AIIMS New Delhi) spoke on Complications-Identification & management in community”. She told about growing burden of the diabetes epidemic, its management and preventing complications.
  • Sushma K. Saini (Lecturer, NINE, PGIMER, Chandigarh) shared her knowledge on “Promoting role of family- an integral part of diabetes management. She told about role of family support to adhere with treatment and capacity building of diabetes management.

Scientific Paper presentation and poster presentation in Auditorium started at 11:00am- Total there were 7 paper presentation and 11 poster presentations. Dr.Rupashree Das Gupta got first position in paper presentation. Ms. Isha got first position in poster presentation.


  • PLENARY SESSION 2: Started at 12:30 pm and concluded at 4:25 pm

“Cancer Survivorship- a need for collaborative approach”

Conveners: Dr. K. Lalitha, (Former Prof & Head (Nursing) NIMHANS, Bangalore) and Dr. HarindarjeetGoyal (Principal, RAK, New Delhi).

  • DrHarindarjeetGoyal (Principal, RAK, New Delhi) thrown light on Identifying & Measuring the benefits of Survivorship care plans”.
  • MohamandWaisQarani (Administrator, Aga Khan University, Afghanistan) talked about “Financial hardships of cancer survivors”.
  • MrsShreedeviBalachandran (Lecturer SultanQaboos, University, Oman) discussed about Innovations in Oncology for better survivorship”.
  • Dr K. Lalitha Former Prof & Head (Nursing) NIMHANS, Bangalore shared her knowledge on “Psychosocial challenges of cancer survivors”.
  • DrSantosh Jain Passi (Former Director, Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi) discussed his views on “Importance of nutrition in cancer survivorship”.

Session wrapped up at the end by resource person and chair person. And felicitated of resource person done by the chairperson of and chairperson felicitated by Dr. Davinder Singh and Dr. Balkit Singh Sidhu. Lunch break of one hour to all delegates and resource persons.

PLENARY SESSION 3: Started at 4:45 pm and concluded at 7:45 pm

Collaborative Approach For Safe Pregnancy & Child Birth”

Conveners: Dr. AmrishKapoor (Director, Kapoor Centre for Advance laparoscopic Surgery, Solan), and Dr. Darshansohi( Principal Chief KhalsaDeewan College)

  • AmrishKapoor (Director Kapoor Centre for Advance laparoscopic Surgery, Solan) told about Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child health team”.
  • Dr Jane Greene Ryan (Associate Professor, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA, Visiting Faculty, Akal College of Nursing, Baru Sahib) talked about Managing Complications in Pregnancy & childbirththrough video conferencing.
  • Mukesh Chandra Sharma Associate Professor, AIIMS, Jodhpur, Rajasthan) thrown light on topic “Digital Media addiction & Children”.
  • Prasuna Jelly (Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, AIIMS Rishikesh, UK), discussed on Antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience”.
  • R. Vasundhra (Principal, NRI College of Nursing, Andhra Pradesh) highlighted topic Management- Nursing Care aspect”.
  • Ms Binda Ghimire, (Registrar, Nepal Nursing Council) shared her knowledge on Legal & ethical aspects in maternity Nursing”

Cultural Programme

A cultural eve was organized on first day evening at the Amphi Theatre, IB School. It included orchestra by students of Akal College Of Nursing, Mime on Pulwama Attack, Group Song and Choreography on Chandrayaan-2. Refreshment served in between. A quiz competition was also organized for the students of different colleges.


Day- 2 (12th October,2019)

PLENARY SESSION 4- Started at 9:20am and concluded at 11:40am

Malnutrition- a need for collaborative approach

Conveners: Dr Atul Sharma and Dr Santosh Jain Passi,


  • Dr Atul Sharma throw light on Global scenario of malnutrition.
  • Prof .Kishore Kumar .P (Member of Senate, KUHS Vice-Principal, College of Nursing) He discussed about Screening & assessment of malnutrition.
  • Dr Santosh Jain Passi focused on Importance of dietary diversity in malnutrition
  • Dr Rupashree Dasgupta (Associate Professor Cum Vice Principal, CON, IGIMS ,Patna) discussed about Preventive strategies for malnutrition.


PLENARY SESSION 5- Started at 11:50am and concluded at 1:50pm

Collaborative Case Management approach in Attempted Suicide

Conveners: Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh and Dr K. Lalitha


  • Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh (Drug De-addiction Centers, The Kalgidhar Trust) discussed about Magnitude of suicide.
  • Anumol Joseph (Assistant Professor, Vijaymarie College of Nursing, Hyderabad) discussed about Approaches for suicide prevention- a paradigm shift.
  • Ranjeet Powar (Psychologist Head, Nishan Educational Trust, Chandigarh) focused on Activating hope: strategies for enhancing the lived experiences at organizations& systems.
  • Bharat Pareek talked about Challenges & obstacles in management of attempted suicide cases.
  • Jasbir Kaur (Principal, MMU, Kumarhati, Solan) throw light on Suicide risk assessment.


Valedictory session

Guest of honour of the sessions was Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh, Dr. Manju Vatsa and Mrs. Jyoti Walia (Registrar HPNRC). There were various recommendations given by chairpersons to maintain healthy living and development of individuals that are: Arrangement of training programmes regarding curriculum modifications, awareness to control diabetes by community approach and intervention strategies, awareness about lifestyle modifications, special training to the nurses for management of psychiatric patients, main focus should be on preventive and promotive care, with collaboration among the health care personnels.

The keynote address delivered by Dr. Manju Vatsa, (Former Principal CON, AIIMS ,New Delhi). She thrown light on Collaboration in Nursing, Changing concept of Nursing, Elements and principles of collaboration, Essentials for collaborative practices etc. The conference concluded with valedictory session at 3:30pm on the second day. The winners of paper and poster presentations were awarded with mementoes and certificates. All the resource persons, chairpersons and guests were honoured with certificates by various eminent personalities. All the delegates were awarded with prizes and certificates.

Conference wrapped up with vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Mehmooda Regu (Vice Principle, Akal College of Nursing). Programme has successfully completed under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Neelam Kaur (Advisor, Health & Education, The Kalgidhar Trust, Member, Governing Body AU & EU), Dr.Harpreet Kaur ( Admin Officer, ACH & Allied Health Sciences), Prof. Ranjit Kour (Principal Akal College of Nursing), Faculty and students of Akal College Of Nursing with their tremendous efforts.


Akal College of Nursing

Eternal University, Baru Sahib, Dist. Sirmour, H.P.-173101

9th International Nursing Conference

Topic: Collaborative Approach for Holistic Health Care

Organizing secretary:

Dr. Joseph Gagannathan

Ms. Anna Bajaj

Ms. Simarjeet Kaur


The conference aims to provide a platform for all health care professional to analyze the significance of collaboration and partnership for enhancement of quality care out come. Akal College of nursing organizes International Nursing Conferences every year on collaboration with Drexel University Philadelphia, USA Since 2011.


Reminding all the medical disciplines regarding enhancement of quality care, declaration of patient rights, which recognizes the inherent dignity, equality & rights of all medical professionals.

Keeping in view the sustainability developmental   Goals coded as Goal 3: Good Health & Well Being, Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals. Above listed goals were discussed by eminent speakers in our International Conference. Following were the themes discussed in our conference.

  1. Need for holistic and collaborative approach in addressing non communicable diseases in India.
  2. Complication-identification and management in community (BLS, ACLS) .
  3. Promoting role of family- An integral part of diabetic management.
  4. Financial hardships of cancer survivors.
  5. Psychosocial changes faced by cancer survivors.
  6. Antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience
  7. Strategies for enhancing the lived experience at organization & system.
  8. Legal and ethical aspects in maternity aspects.
  9. Screening and assessment of malnutrition.

report on resolution

The reason for the roll call was to enhance the collaboration between various health care sectors and polish the skills of professionals. We have following resolution that were taken by the executive committee. The resolutions were passed by the head of the resolution committee Dr. Jane Greene Ryan, Visiting Professor, Akal College of Nursing, Baru Sahib-H.P. from collaborative university, Philadelphia, USA. The reason for this information being submitted to the desired officials was to get together to work out the problems that exists among community people such as communicable diseases, battle with  cancer & its survivors, screening, Psychosocial changes faced by cancer survivors and assessment of malnutrition.

Be it resolved that the conference of Collaborative Approach for Holistic Health Care stated that there is a need for hands on skills, clinical workshops, basic skills of ALS & BLS, palliative care for cancer survivors should be taught to the community & family members.

Diabetic clinics should be opened in the vicinity of each community so that basic information about diabetes, new treatment & preventive regimes should be taught/ disseminated to the needed people on urgent basis.

Implementation of the national nutrition programmes, sexual education, family planning methods awareness programmes needed to be conducted on the grass root levels. Follow up of the data should be done for the research purpose and to check out the appropriate implementation of the schemes launched by government at national, state, district & taluk level.

The initiative is taken by all the speakers of our International Conference to let their governments to do desired changes in the policies made & followed in their countries.