Family Nursing- A Futuristic Approach to Health Care

Family nursing is the process of providing for the health care needs of families that are within the scope of nursing practice and it recognizes the importance of caring for and integrating a patients family as a part of caring process. This nursing care can be aimed toward the family as a context, the family as a system, or the family as a component of the society and it covers primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care.  It is important to embrace a family focus in nursing practice because health of individuals affects all members of families, health and illness are family events, and families influence the process and outcome of health care. Family health care nursing is an art and a science that has evolved as a way of thinking about and working with families. Its not an evolving specialty but rather an umbrella under which all specialty could/should practice. The conference intents to bring  concepts & principles of family health care become part of nurses’ value system.

Family Nursing – Need and Significance

  • Health and illness behaviors and beliefs are learned within the context of the family
  • Family units are affected when one or more members experience health problems
  • Health care effectiveness is improved when emphasis is placed on family rather than the individual
  • Health promotion, health maintenance and restoration of health of families are important to the survival of the society
  • Delivering nursing care from a stand point of promoting family health helps nurses actuate families’ abilities to attend to health and developmental needs within the family and prevent secondary disabilities.
  • Nurses needs educational acumen to tailor their practice interventions to families, managing health and illness in today’s society.

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