Advancing Nursing Proficiency: Neuro Care, Critical Care, and Burns Workshop


Resource Person:


Clinical Assistant Professor, New York University, Rory Meyers College of Nursing.


Clinical Assistant Professor, Critical Care – Medical & Surgical Nursing, College of Nursing & Health Professionals, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA


In a remarkable collaboration between Akal College of Nursing, Eternal University and Drexel University under the Global Nursing Partnership recently organized a series of workshops aimed at empowering Nursing Professionals and fostering excellence in the field of healthcare.

A workshop titled “Neurological Assessment, Stroke Management, Burn Care, Cardiac Emergencies, and Critical Care” was held at Akal College of Nursing, Eternal University from May 8th to May 17th, 2023. The workshop aimed to provide advanced knowledge and practical skills to B.Sc. (Nursing) 3rd and 4th-year students. The event covered a range of crucial topics in the field of nursing, including neurology, stroke management, burn care, cardiac emergencies, and critical care. The workshop was led by Dr. Brian Fasolka, RN, CEN, PhD, a renowned Clinical Assistant Professor with expertise in critical care, nursing education, and medical-surgical nursing.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Neurological Assessment and Stroke Management:
    • Participants were educated on neurological assessment techniques to evaluate patients’ neurological status.
    • In-depth discussions were held on ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, focusing on their pathophysiology, clinical presentations, diagnostic approaches, and acute management strategies.
    • The workshop emphasized the importance of early recognition and intervention in stroke cases to minimize long-term neurological deficits.
  2. Burn Care:
    • Acute burn management in the emergency department was extensively covered, including initial assessment, wound care, pain management, and infection prevention.
    • Participants were educated about burn prevention strategies to reduce the incidence of burn injuries.
    • Basics of burn treatment and rehabilitation were discussed, highlighting the importance of wound healing, scar management, and psychological support for burn survivors.
  3. Cardiac Emergencies:
    • The workshop covered acute coronary syndrome, detailing its types, clinical manifestations, diagnostic methods, and urgent interventions.
    • Cardiac dysrhythmias and electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation were explored to enhance participants’ skills in identifying and responding to cardiac rhythm abnormalities.
    • Administration of anti-dysrhythmic medications and their implications were discussed in the context of cardiac emergencies.
  4. Critical Care and Gastrointestinal Emergencies:
    • The basics of intensive care unit (ICU) nursing were addressed, focusing on essential skills, patient monitoring, and interdisciplinary collaboration.
    • Ventilator-associated pneumonia prevention strategies were highlighted, emphasizing infection control practices in critical care settings.
    • Common gastrointestinal emergencies were discussed, shedding light on assessment, intervention, and management approaches for such cases.

Instructor Profile: Dr. Brian Fasolka, RN, CEN, PhD, brought significant expertise to the workshop. His background as a Clinical Assistant Professor at renowned institutions like New York University and Drexel University showcased his vast experience in critical care nursing and education. Participants had the privilege of learning from his insights and practical knowledge in the field.

Conclusion: The workshop at Akal College of Nursing provided an enriching learning experience for B.Sc. (Nursing) 3rd and 4th-year students. By addressing crucial topics such as neurological assessment, stroke management, burn care, cardiac emergencies, and critical care, the workshop equipped participants with valuable skills and knowledge that are highly relevant to their nursing careers. Dr. Brian Fasolka’s expertise added significant value to the event, ensuring that attendees gained insights from a distinguished educator in the field of nursing.


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