Empowering Future Nurses: Akal College of Nursing Hosts Workshop on Health Camp


Nurturing the Skills and Knowledge of Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders

The Akal College of Nursing, situated within the picturesque campus of Eternal University in Baru Sahib, recently hosted an enlightening workshop on “Health Camp.” This workshop, held on April 19, 2023, was a pivotal component of the Nursing Management curriculum, specifically designed for the 4th-year B.Sc. Nursing students from the 2019 batch.

Exploring Nursing’s Essential Dimensions

Led by the adept Mr. Muthu Kumaran, Assistant Professor at Akal College of Nursing and Subject Coordinator for the Management of Nursing Service & Education, the workshop delved into various aspects of nursing that are integral to the profession. It aimed to broaden the horizons of budding nurses, providing them with invaluable insights into their roles, responsibilities, material management, and leadership skills in the healthcare domain.

Key Workshop Highlights

  1. Nurses’ Role and Responsibilities: The workshop kicked off with an in-depth exploration of the multifaceted role of nurses. Students gained a profound understanding of their pivotal responsibilities, ranging from patient care to effective communication and collaboration within healthcare teams. Real-life scenarios and case studies were presented to illustrate these concepts vividly.
  2. Material Management: A critical facet of healthcare, material management, was another focal point of the workshop. Students were enlightened on the significance of resource utilization, inventory control, and budget management within healthcare settings. Hands-on training on handling medical supplies and equipment further enhanced their practical skills.
  3. Leadership Skills: In today’s healthcare landscape, leadership skills are paramount for nurses. Mr. Kumaran led interactive sessions aimed at nurturing leadership qualities, team coordination, and sound decision-making abilities. These skills are essential for the students as they prepare to embark on their professional journeys in nursing.

Active Student Participation and Positive Feedback

The workshop witnessed enthusiastic participation from all 4th-year nursing students, reflecting their eagerness to acquire knowledge and skills essential for their future careers. Students found the workshop not only informative but also highly beneficial for their academic and practical development.

The guidance and support provided by the dedicated faculty members of Akal College of Nursing were instrumental in enriching the learning experience for the 4th-year students. These mentors helped students navigate their respective nursing service areas, fostering a holistic understanding of the nursing profession.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students underscores the workshop’s success in achieving its educational objectives. It serves as a testament to the commitment of Akal College of Nursing in equipping its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of nursing.

Conclusion: Preparing Tomorrow’s Nursing Leaders

The “Health Camp” workshop at Akal College of Nursing is a testament to the institution’s dedication to nurturing future nursing leaders. It not only enhances students’ academic knowledge but also equips them with practical skills and a broader perspective on their profession.

As these 4th-year B.Sc. Nursing students prepare to graduate and embark on their careers, they do so with a solid foundation in nursing management, thanks to the thoughtful organization of this workshop. Akal College of Nursing remains committed to providing quality education and preparing its students to make significant contributions to the healthcare industry.


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