Alumni Talk Series


On August 18, 2023, Akal College of Nursing organized an Alumni Talk Series, featuring Ms. Damanpreet Kaur, an alumna of Akal College of Nursing who graduated in the year 2016. The purpose of this event was to provide current students with insights and inspiration by hearing from a successful graduate who has gone on to achieve professional success as a Registered Nurse in the United States.

Speaker Profile: Ms. Damanpreet Kaur is a proud alumna of Akal College of Nursing. After completing her nursing education at ACN, she pursued further studies and embarked on her career in the healthcare field in the United States. She has gained valuable experience as a Registered Nurse and has a successful career in the healthcare industry.

Presentation: Ms. Damanpreet Kaur shared her journey and experiences, highlighting her time at Akal College of Nursing and her path to becoming a Registered Nurse in the USA. Her presentation covered various aspects, including:

  1. College Experience: Ms. Kaur discussed her academic journey at ACN, the skills and knowledge she acquired, and the support she received from faculty and peers.
  2. Challenges Faced: She candidly shared the challenges she encountered during her studies and early career and how she overcame them.
  3. Career Progression: Ms. Kaur provided insights into her professional growth, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the healthcare field.
  4. Life in the USA: She talked about her experiences as an immigrant nurse in the United States, including the cultural adjustments and professional opportunities available.

Student Feedback: The Alumni Talk Series featuring Ms. Damanpreet Kaur received positive feedback from the current nursing students. They found her journey and insights inspiring and relatable. Many students were motivated by her story and gained valuable advice for their own nursing careers. Ms. Kaur’s talk instilled a sense of hope and determination among the students, encouraging them to work hard and pursue their dreams in the nursing field.

Conclusion: The Alumni Talk Series featuring Ms. Damanpreet Kaur was a successful event that provided current students with a real-life example of academic and professional success. It served as a source of inspiration and motivation for aspiring nurses at Akal College of Nursing. Hearing from a successful alumna who has achieved recognition and success in the United States served to reinforce the value of education and determination in achieving one’s goals.


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