B.Sc.(Nursing) Fresher’s Orientation Program 2023-2024


Akal College of Nursing (ACN) organized the B.Sc.(Nursing) Freshers Orientation Program for the academic year 2023-2024 from August 1st to 5th, 2023. The program aimed to welcome and introduce the new batch of B.Sc.(N) students to the college environment, academic curriculum, faculty, and campus life. The orientation program was thoughtfully planned and executed to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming students.

Orientation Activities: The orientation program comprised three main components:

  1. Course Orientation:
    • Introduction to the B.Sc.(Nursing) curriculum, including subjects, syllabus, and academic expectations.
    • Explanation of the grading system, examination procedures, and assessment methods.
    • Overview of the academic calendar and important dates.
  2. Faculty Orientation:
    • Introduction to the faculty members and their respective departments.
    • Faculty members provided insights into their areas of expertise and encouraged interaction with students.
    • Discussion of faculty-student dynamics and the support system available to students.
  3. Campus Orientation:
    • Campus tour to familiarize students with the facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, library, and recreational areas.
    • Information on college policies, rules, and regulations.
    • Guidance on resources available for academic and personal development.

Facilitators: Prof. Usha. S, the Head of the Department of Nursing Foundation & Child Health Nursing, and Mrs. Agnus, the Co-Coordinator for 1st year B.Sc.(N), played crucial roles in facilitating the orientation program. Their expertise and guidance helped students navigate the complexities of transitioning into college life and the nursing program.

Student Feedback: The B.Sc.(Nursing) freshers expressed their appreciation for the orientation program. They found the information provided during the course, faculty, and campus orientation sessions to be invaluable in helping them prepare for their academic journey at ACN. The program fostered a sense of belonging and familiarity with the college and its resources, which was greatly welcomed by the newcomers.

Conclusion: The B.Sc.(Nursing) Freshers Orientation Program 2023-2024 at Akal College of Nursing was a well-executed and beneficial event for the incoming students. It set the stage for a successful academic year by equipping students with the necessary information and support they need to thrive in their nursing education. The efforts of Prof. Usha. S, Mrs. Agnus, and the entire organizing team are commendable in ensuring a smooth transition for the new batch of nursing students.


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