Drug Addiction Awareness Program


From August 22nd to August 25th, 2023, a transformative and impactful Drug Addiction Awareness Program was hosted at Eternal University. This event was meticulously organized by the Akal De-Addiction cum Psychiatry Center in partnership with Akal College of Nursing, Baru Sahib under the divine and Eternal Blessings of our Saints Honourable Padmashree Baba Iqbal Singh Ji & the Mission carrying out by Revered Baba Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, Chancellor- Eternal University and President of The Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib and the eminent Guidance of Dr. Neelam Kaur, Advisor, Health & Education, The Kalgidhar Trust.

 The primary objective of this program was to shed light on the critical issue of drug addiction, its grave consequences, and the vital importance of preventing it.

Program Highlights:

  1. Film Screening – “Chup – The Silence”: The program began with a powerful and moving film screening of “Chup – The Silence.” This film adeptly delved into the real-life struggles faced by Punjab due to the rampant issue of drug addiction. By showcasing authentic stories, the film effectively captured the depth of challenges and hardships inflicted on Individuals, Family and Communities due to addiction.
  2. Experience Sharing: A particularly impactful addition to the program was the presence of three young female individuals who had successfully overcome their battles with addiction. These brave volunteers willingly addressed the gathering, sharing their personal experiences, struggles, and triumphs. They provided a first hand account of their journey to recovery and the efforts of the De-Addiction team in fostering spiritual values and rejuvenation. Their stories offered hope, inspiration, and a tangible testament to the potential for transformation and renewal.
  3. Expert Talk by Dr. Col. Rajinder Singh: An exceptional highlight of the event was the expert talk delivered by Dr. Col. Rajinder Singh, an eminent Consultant Psychiatrist and former Senior Adviser in Psychiatry for the Armed Forces. Dr. Col. Rajinder Singhs vast experience brought invaluable insights into managing patients grappling with addiction. His guidance reverberated a resounding message – it’s wiser to abstain from drugs entirely rather than attempting to rehabilitate from addiction later. His succinct advice to the world was: “Better Stay out of Drugs, Instead of Coming Out.”

Participants and Sessions:

The Drug De-Addiction Awareness Program drew a diverse and substantial audience, with over 1000 participants attending. This inclusive group comprised students, faculty members, staff, technicians, workers, laborers, and supportive staff members, all collectively invested in the cause of spreading awareness about drug addiction.

Day 1 – August 22nd : The program commenced with an engaging session for the Fresher’s of Eternal University Batch 2023, around 146 students and 25 Faculty from various disciplines.

Day 2 – August 23rd :

Morning Session: Addressing ACA&SS (Akal College of Arts & Social Sciences) students, this session drew the participation of 180 attendees.

Afternoon Session: Encompassing B.Ed and 2022 Batch Nursing students, this session saw a participation of 175 students.

Day 3 – August 24th :

Morning Session: Nursing students from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years engaged in an interactive session with a participant count of 180 students.

Afternoon Session: Participants from diverse disciplines including Agriculture, Commerce, Basic Science, and Zoology amounted to 200+ students.

Day 4 – August 25th :

Morning Session: A session dedicated to the Secretary, Housekeeping, and Supportive Staff of Eternal University & Akal Academy, benefiting 60 members.

Afternoon Session: Workers and Labourers from Civil and other departments actively participated, totalling 200+ beneficiaries.

Event Facilitators: The success of the program was due to the dedicated facilitation provided by a proficient team:

  • Anupama K: Vice Principal, Head, Department of Mental Health Nursing.
  • Komal Rana: Asst. Professor, Department of Mental Health Nursing.
  • Manisha: Asst. Professor, Department of Mental Health Nursing.
  • Muthu Kumaran: Asst. Professor, Department of Community Health Nsg.

Conclusion: The Drug De-Addiction Awareness Program at Eternal University stands as a monumental event that transcended its immediate impact. By leveraging a compelling film, expert insights, and the collaborative efforts of the Akal De-Addiction cum Psychiatry Center and Akal College of Nursing, the program successfully instilled awareness about the perils of drug addiction. It implored participants to adopt a drug-free existence and enlightened them about the severe consequences of succumbing to addiction. This event showcased the potential of education and awareness in fostering positive societal change.


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